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We're organizing as #BlackClergyUnitedtoCommutetheRow

Did you know more than 57% of those under a federal death row sentence are people of color and 40% are Black.


The Faith Leaders of Color Coalition (FLOCC) is an interfaith Black & Indigenous community dedicated to learning and supporting advocacy, legislation, and litigation challenging and ultimately eliminating the use of the American Death Penalty system on a state and federal level. 


The Faith Leaders of Color Coalition or (FLOCC) allows space for Black & Indigenous faith leaders to build community, take action and collaborate with movement leaders working to end the death penalty in America.

Joia Erin Thornton

Coalition Director, FLOCC

National Policy Strategist, Southern Center for Human Rights


Joia Erin Thornton is an avid civil rights advocate, writer, historian, and policy leader. Ms. Thornton has a unique hometown experience growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, and New Orleans, Louisiana; two cities on the mighty Mississippi River are riddled with class, race, and educational disparities. Joia organized FLOCC to honor the work Black & Indigenous faith leaders have contributed to human rights movements throughout history. Joia uses the framework of race, class, and region to confront America's past with the death penalty system.

Joia has over 20 years of experience in grasstops organizing, story-telling, program implementation, and model design and has made inroads in state and national policy reform. Joia has a Bachelor of Arts in English and French (BA) from Louisiana State University and a Master of Public Administration-Policy & Legal Studies (MPA | MPP)  from the University of Memphis. Joia consults policy lawyers, analysts, and strategists working to eliminate the use of capital punishment in various states.

Join the Movement

What we Do


Educating and Equipping our Communities

Empowering Black & Indigenous

Faith Leaders to actively engage

in the policy process

Bringing in people of faith

to sustain the work of abolitionists who have come before us.

Take Action

Your Impact Matters

Digital Nomad


Every faith leader has the ability to motivate others and inspire true change. By Organizing an Event, you become a crucial part of our movement by making sure our mission is heard and has a far-reaching, lasting impact. 

There may be a FLOCC group near you, please reach out to us so we can connect you with organizers in your area.

Tool Kit

If you would like to organize in your community, we have tools to support you! Materials include; how to effectively engage with lawmakers, decoding legislative bills, interpreting and tracking litigation and creating your own digital advocacy campaigns.

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